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. that will keep the clouds in play. so the forecast for tonight, 60 degrees, unseasonably mild. tonight will be a struggle to get out of the 70s for the city. as we get into tomorrow afternoon we're going to struggle to get to 72. could be a spot shower right around anne arundel county, annapolis. thursday at 75, a blend of sunshine and clouds. then we'll go to 80. 77 on friday. here's the concern try day -- friday night into saturday. could be severe weather so. we'll have to chat again at 11. >>> instead of going an hour with diane sawyer, only 30 minutes. we'll be back with more in just a minute. ow >>> let's watch storms out to the west. >> all right. we could get to 80 by thursday. >> thursday but not tomorrow. >> okay. >> we're going to give you that planner. 66 at 8:00. we're back on at 11, 62 degrees. could we get to 80? we'll answer that at 11. >> let's go dancing. >> we'll see you. >>> this is "world news." tonight, on the trail of a bomber. the new clues. metal fragments from a pressure cooker like this, at the heart of an investigation. video of multiple angles of the key mo
of snow. this is quite unseasonable. colorado you've seen 72 centineaters many the past 24 hours. that's likely to continue with skbens noefl. that freezing rain will make traveling very difficult. we cannot rule out the fact there are possibilities of you think leashing tornadoes, hail yet again. that will continue and damaging winds and heavy rain as well. the temperatures are shaping up like this. new york at 16 degrees. oklahoma is down to 13 degrees. denver a bit of milder temperatures than what we compare from yesterday. here across asia we're looking at heavy rain. it has been an ongoing story for a week and for the flooding risk is high. it's going to be high due to the amount of rain that's pouring here in south eastern areas. that's going to continue into the weekend. things are pretty dry and we look tarts, tokyo 22. seoul at 16 for today. that's going to be dropping in towards the weekend. we want that warmth during the weekend but it's not going to work that way. here is your extended forecast. >>> that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
heavy amounts of snow. this is quite unseasonable. colorado, you've seen 72 centimeters in the past 24 hours likely to continue in the next 24 with intense amounts of snowfall. about 50 centimeters are locally possible in the upper midwest down to the four corners region. below that, south of that freezing rain will make life very difficult and south of that, severe weather is likely. we cannot rule out there are possibilities of unleashing tornadoes and hail and numerous reports of hail and it will likely continue. damaging winds as well. new york, 16 degrees, oklahoma city is down to 13 degrees. but denver, a little bit of a milder temperature compared to yesterday we had minus 2 degrees. in the positive really. los angeles, 27. mexico city, already in the 30s. in asia, we're looking at heavy rain across the peninsula and southern and china peninsula. it has been an ongoing story for a week and flooding risk is very high. flooding is going to be very high due to the amount of rain pouring in southeastern areas. that will continue to the weekend. towards the north of that, things are
warmer in comparison to wednesday. the call will be unseasonably mild, 60 degrees. a thunderstorm is possible northland west. tomorrow afternoon 72 degrees, but it's going to be a struggle to get. there most of the afternoon will be into the 60s and the shower threat. we go a pair of five's. so here's the seven-day forecast. it's all about sunshine. how much sunshine can we get? all right. 75 for thursday. now more sunshine means closer to 80. friday a pair of sevens. here's the deal on friday. that will be a potent cold front. there could be severe weather. we'll monitor it but you have to keep it locked. the deal is it's going to get milder thursday and friday. cooler by the weekend. >> stay with us. this is something. anything viral not normally a good idea, not when talking about maternity photos. a missouri couple is getting thousands of looks. look at the guy in the back. he's cradling his beer belly. >> to capture something like that, you're always going to remember this moment. >> the couple was surprised at how quick the pic went viral. the future mom said she had no idea
danger. a few decades ago the hills with up in flames. >> it is all unseasonably warm that hellfire is starting something a bit earlier than they normally would. they have issued burn bans 44 bay area counties. it is cal fire talking about along fire season that still ahead. >> about the last two weeks we have seen an increased activity in vegetation fires because we are three weeks ahead now, potentially we could have a longer season of large and damaging fires that occur in california. we are hiring an additional 42 firefighters to stop a half a dozen engines. we will have an additional six engines as well as the helitech crew available. >> san mateo, contra costa county, santa clara and alameda counties as far as the burned ban. if you are in a dry area if the sun does not give you the miskitos will. >> thank you will. enjoy the comfortable conditions. >> the sequestration cuts of washington we saw of exxon air traffic controllers last week and now we're seeing it hit the u.s. coast guard. they are suspending routine patrols on potential terrorist targets right here in the bay ar
a particularly lovely spring friday. but also kind of a sweaty one. not because it is unseasonably warm or humid but it is a season for friday night nervousness in washington, d.c. and there is flop-sweat nervousness in washington tonight because tomorrow is the washington, d.c. nerd prom. god forgive us. tomorrow is the white house correspondents dinner in which the president, and lots of politicians and reporters and people who work in the media and celebrities who have inexplicably become attached to this event, they all cram into the same
's numbers unseasonably mild, from 63 degrees in pacifica to the mid 80's. 80 degrees, american canyon, vallejo. hercules, pinole, also in the low 80's. here's the extended forecast. we're calling for repeat performance on monday. slight cooling tuesday, wednesday, due to that trough to the north. otherwise, high pressure expands on thursday and check out your friday. that will be the warmest day of our inland area. meanwhile, we're talking some baseball! and we have colon on the mound for the good guys. 72 degrees. and go a's! >> they need some good weather and good vibes out there. vern is here with the highlights. >>> let's hope tomorrow is a different day. sure the weather is great. but did it translate to the sports scene? no! forgettable night for the local teams. and a night that giants' marco will certainly remember. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, giants bad mojo was over...r three innings in san diego...after that...not so much >>> baseball, looked pretty good for the giants, after a bad mojo. they had three straight losses. after three innings, they were ahead in san diego. after that? n
to lure users to its products? >>> the unseasonable highs we could hit where you live. >> 12 years in stanford, 12 with the nba. all look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> the boston marathon bombings have led to security changes at the beta breakers race set to take place next month. the basic items that racegoers will no longer be able to bring there, heather. >> reporter: when the estimated 30,000 participates line up here along howard street on may 19, they'll be greeted with a lot more security personnel. race staff will not only be checking re
of april and we are ending on an unseasonably warm note. >> not only do we have the warm temperatures, we will have winds later on today. >> we will have a high fire danger. >> early for this time of year to be talking red flag warnings but we have one from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at elevations 1,000'. we start our day planner around the bay with a colorful sun reason with the high clouds and the cold front is kicking up at 70's at noon and total sunshine and mid-to-upper 70's through 4:00 and breezy by 7:00. the inland day planner with passing clouds at 55 and mid-70's by noon and hot, not kuwait to 90 but maybe there on the car thermometer and at the coast our day planner is 48 with a few clouds and we will hang out in the upper 50's to low 60's and it will become breezy headed to the evening hours. the traffic this morning has been brutal. >> it has been a bear in the santa cruz mountains, look at this backup with a sig-alert northbound 17, it is a long strand of brake lights in the northbound direction because of a car versus a motorcycle. one lane remains closed. b
an unseasonably warm air across the southern u.s.. that incredible temperature contrast is what sets up the jet stream. we are way down from where we were earlier today. this cool areas sidling into the area in the afternoon tomorrow the wins will even turn off of the lake that makes it cooler still. the jet stream rips through the atmosphere between it but when it starts to bubble in like this you get some real trouble. you have snowstorms on one side of the pattern like this and maybe tornadic thunderstorms on the east side. we could have some heavy weather in this area. it is 48 at o'hare and midway tonight. there is no wind to speak of. but there are advisories' out to the west. these are wind advisories out into the plains. you know mother nature is cooking something up for us tomorrow there will be heavy weather down south it in crouch is pretty close to our air space by wednesday and by thursday you can put chicago in that potential severe weather risk area. here is the ring going through tonight this is not associated with the main storm but it is producing some downpours in a spring th
, but today was also opening day for real in major league baseball. an unseasonably cold opening day in a lot of the country. major league teams all wore patches for opening day that honored the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut. and arapahoe county prosecutors in colorado said they would seek the death penalty for the aroura, colorado, movie theater attack. we have news this hour aabout how one state has decided to respond to the country refusing to let the killings fade away. the evolving politics of gun reform, and one state making a big leap forward on that issue tonight. we'll be blaking that news here tonight. that's coming up. >> in arkansas today, as chris covered in detail in the last hour, the clean-up continues on the big exxon oil pipeline leak. this residential neighborhood in mayflower arkansas, continues to bear the brunt of the fact we don't know how to clean up the kind of tar sands oil that was in that burst pipeline, and thad would be in the keystone pipeline that would track all the way across the nation. >> san francisco former l
, but it should be a clear day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures really heating up. unseasonably warm this week in the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen has that forecast coming up. but first we continue to follow developing news in the boston marathon bombings. right now the surviving suspect from monday's terror attack is hospitalized in serious condition following his capture last night. he was found hiding in a backyard boat suffering gunshot wounds from thursday night's shootout with police that killed his brother. federal agents have yet to question him but they say they will not read him his miranda rights first because the government is invoking a public safety exception. limited and focused interrogation of the suspect is allowed as evidence when there's a reasonable need to protect the public from immediate danger. >>> and from boston to big sur there's a link that ties monday's boston marathon to the big sur marathon which take place a week from tomorrow. along highway 1 between big sur and carmel, organizers were in potassium iodine when the explosions happened. as abc7 n
. >> unseasonably cool along the east coast, new england to georgia with temperatures staying in the 50s. but check out the west. dry and warm. hitting the 90s in some spots. >>> to a shining example of someone who really l job. >> a powerful earthquake rocked china over the weekend brought everything to a stand still including a wedding in progress. the bride you just saw there happens to be an anchorwoman. she got right to work. still wearing her wedding gown and her veil. check her out. >> that is hilarious. she abandoned her big day and started reporting on the quake instead. that's what you call dedication. i don't know, diana, you tell me. if you are wearing your wedding white going to run out there and cover the quake? >> you know what -- i -- honestly -- >> the vows were said or not. >> are they already married or not married. >> we're making light of a pretty sad story. >> you ran out before the vows. i would be like you get back in here and you marry me then you can go out. >> then you can go out there. again. an earthquake, unfortunately, there were injuries. you know. trying to lighten
enjoyed another unseasonably warm day. news chopper 2 captured these pictures about 6:45 in the morning. the sun started to set on a third consecutive day of temperatures in the 80s, but change on the way. bill martin is in the weather center now with the records that were broken today. also, what's next? >> temps 10 to 20 degrees where you should be. out along the coast, we've got fog returning. reports of dense fog now. it's going to be tough to see through on the great highway, showing up. peeking into the golden gate bridge. obviously, that's the beginning of the cooling. current temperatures indicate that. 51degrees in half moon bay right now. that's because of the fog. very cool in san francisco, about 55 degrees. temperatures the next couple of days are going to trend down. but places continue to be warm. i'll show you those places and how much cooler you're going to notice as we go through the week. i'm have your five-day forecast, and the rest of your weather coming up. >>> ktvu has learned clues in the killing of a young san francisco man in an act of violence. >> reporter: a
's capitol is is a particularly lovely friday. and a sweaty one. not because it is unseasonably warm or humid but it is a season for friday night nervousness in washington, d.c. and there is flop-sweat nervouses in d.c. tonight because tomorrow is the washington, in the
? >>> the unseasonable highs we could hit where you live. >> 12 years in stanford, 12 with the nba. all while keeping his sexuality private. >>> today we learned another item is banned from beta breakers. why the officials tell us the change is necessary after the boston marathon bombing. why are 8 million people sleeping better tonight? they went to a sleep number store. the only place in the world you'll find the sleep number bed, with dual air technology. it allows each of you to adjust to the support your body needs. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. and for those who sleep hot or cool, now save $500 on our temperature-balancing memory foam bed set. sleep number. comfort. individualized. >>> the boston marathon bombings have led to security changes at the beta breakers race set to take place next month. the basic items that racegoers will no longer be able to bring there, heather. >> reporter: when the estimated 30,000 participates line up here along howard street on may 19, they'll be greeted with a lot more security pe
in such a traumatic event, not just for themselves but for their children. it's also unseasonably cold in texas. around 45 degrees most of the day today. so we've been doing a distribution today of blankets. many people are still without power and without homes and so we want to make sure as they're staying with really tissues and friends they've got something nice and warm. things like that as we move forward. and then the daunting task of getting people into the neighborhood to begin cleanup that. will be the next step. but it's not going to be today. a little too soon for that yet. >> and, anita, as you alluded to, something in the neighborhood of 50 to 70 homes destroyed. you had an apartment building reduced to what's called a skeleton. you had a nursing home destroyed. where are people dislocated from their homes? where are they right now? >> well, you know, it was one of the things that was so positive last night. in spite of all of the tragedy is that the families that were displaced because of the explosion were just embraced by the other community members. you know, it's a pretty smal
lovely friday. and a sweaty one. not because it is unseasonably warm or humid but it is a season for friday night nervousness in washington, d.c. and there is flop-sweat nervouses in d.c. tonight because tomorrow is the washington, in the prom. god forgive us. the white house correspondent dinner with poll thingses an reporters and pick who work in the media and celebrities who have been attached to this event, all cram into the same giant room in washington. and appreciate each other. honestly, it is kind of a nightmare. this even exist. let alone that it exists every year and seemingly every year keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. however, there is one thing that i have always believed as sort of unkplucatedly excellent about both the nerd prom itself and the huge and increasing amount of attention that it garners each year. and that is na the nerd prom is funny. it is all organized around comedy. a comedian act as emcee, which is usually where the best jokes come from. but the fact that it is hosted by a comedian morphed into the expectation that president hims
where yogi has balanced on the water. >>reporter: hi, everybody, on this unseasonably, mild, warm, spring day here in the bay area, we decided to bring mobile weather on out here to shadow cliff in the east bay. we thought it was a perfect day to come on out here and tell you about saf asana. here's john helping me out here on the board. thanks, john. i thought we'd have a little bit of assistance because we don't want to lose the microphone. malia hill is here today. and, malia, first of all, explain to everybody at home, what is this? >> it's standup paddle, and often it is a yoga pose, so we do boga yoga out here on boga boards. it's a great way to connect with the present moment. it combines standup yoga practice with yoga lessons. it's been great, people are loving it. >>reporter: it's the craze in the east bay. do you have to know how to paddle board to do this exercise? >> no, it's very easy. we give you a brief lesson before you come out here and get you up and running real fast and right into your yoga process. >>reporter: and do you have to know yoga? >> we've had peop
. however, we will fall into the pattern of unseasonable warm weather and low precipitation amounts. we will see a dry pattern as a start the next work week. >> looking at traffic around bay area is quiet. a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. typical ride. no worries, no delays. >> the san mateo bridge to the camera has been shifted over you can see westbound traffic. that is what matters towards foster city. >> south bound 101 of the golden gate bridge quiet. no cars within camera shot. turning our attention to the traffic maps. no problems for the nimitz freeway, interstate 580 a good ride. also the altamonte fast approaching downtown livermore and eventually to leave 580/680 interchange. no delays for ac transit, bart, or h train no. 1. >> stuck with the trash some bay area homeowners have to wait in a while longer before their garbage is picked up. >> garbage and recycle service in fremont and daly city was interrupted last thursday, when allied waste service workers went on a solidarity sanitation strike in the midwest. >> all the workers are back to bu
unseasonable high temperatures around the bay area. kron fours will trans is live in oakland. good morning well. how mild is it where you are? >> let me show you. you do not see a jacket on me. not a breeze behind me. everything is built. we are off to a warm start. my car says 62 degrees and the oakland hills. you could see how dry things are. this is a very dangerous time. cal fire announced they are issuing for burn bans and bay area counties, santa clara, contra costa county, alameda those are three off the top the will not be able to burn anything until the and the fire season as far as log overnight. in fact, if you get cold you have to use other means to keep warm. they are scared there could be fires that happened with things being dry. we had a trance to talk to cal fire here is what they had to say about along fire season that is still ahead. >> about the last two weeks we have seen an increased activity because we're three weeks ahead now potentially we could have a longer season a large damaging fires that occur in california. we are hiring an additional 42 firefighters to stock new
in washington probably don't know. you have an untested, unseasoned leader. and the dynamics underneath are hard to understand. >> and then you throw in dennis rodman. you think you've figured something out and then there he is. watching a game with dennis rod man who gladly wasn't dressed for a wedding. makes you wonder about the whole stability. >> i was surprised they hugged one another. >> the whole thing made me unkphfrlable. at least they're hugging. he is an american. but this happens anyway. >> i was going to ask you mentioned contingency plans. that is the linchpin for your asian operations, correct? >> correct. >> is this the topic of conversation when you're having your global conference calls and you're discussing operations? >> well, i don't want to get into what our global calls are about. we are very pucked what's going on in asia, china, thailand, india. we're looking to open a new plant in indonesia. this is an kwrar of growth for us, markets generally. any time you think of global strategic threats it has an eupl act on all. 70% of the automotive product we produce, cars, truck
rising on us. we'll check in with rosemary who is checking those warm temperatures. >> unseasonally warm and bone dry. our forecast remains dry. outside our doors right now, a cool start, afternoon highs going to soar above yesterday's highs. we'll have a look at those in a moment. first, a beautiful shot at the still water. the winds are light in most cases, where i'm seeing them gust over the hills and off the coastline. let's start with the pacific satellite view. a look above with what's going on. a ridge of high pressure in place, it is parked here for the next few days. also want to point this system out here. by tuesday morning, this is going to be off the coast of california. that could help to bring a bit of a cooling trend. looks like tuesday, maybe very subtle. looks like by wednesday we'll get a better drop in those afternoon highs if it's going to be a little too warm for you. we are going to be well above average. anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees above what we felt yesterday. monday on track to be the warmest day where some of our hotter spots may hit 90 degrees. right now, a c
prices as well as unseasonably cold spring weather. but carmax earned 46 cents a share, that was in line with expectations. the car retailer's revenues beat consensus and increased sales to both the used car and the wholesale market. wine maker constellation brands earned 47 cents a share, 2 cents above estimate. revenue also above expectations, and separately the company expects to complete the deal to acquire the u.s. rights to the brand by the end of the current quarter. that's part of anheuser-busch's deal to acquire the portion that it doesn't currently own. >>> yesterday, we spoke to sir richard branson. he had some fairly harsh words for united airlines. >> if you've got two planes flying side-by-side, people going for virgin america, they're not going to go with united. we like to be competitive. but they've slashed the fares by 40%. obviously we've matched the fares and the public's going to be very, very happy with that. but it is, you know, it's going to hurt them enormously to their bottom line. >> let's get some reaction to that. along with some insight into the evolving nat
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)

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